City Municipality Mediana, City of Nis

City municipality Mediana is one of five municialities of the City of Nis. It occupies the most urban part of the City with approximately 80.000 inhabitants. It is responsible for everyday life of all inhabitants and businesses focusing its attention on city infrastructure, organizatin of transport, communal order, development and meintenance of public parks. The municipality, also, regulates and supports communal development, business community, sport organizations and sport events, primary and secondary educational institutions as well as informati/educational programs, touristic organizations and tourist products, cultural institutions and historical sites, youth programs through its Office for youngsters, promotion of healthy lifestyles etc. The municipality provides not only pleasant living environment but also participate in organization of communal services, number of promotions and events which have to entertain and educate citizens, take care of their cultural and social needs. Special attention is paid to protection of the environment and prevention of incidental situations.

One of activities is focused on communal waste that in urban environment tends to spill out of surface containers and spoil soil and underground waters. For cultural/entertainment needs Medijana organizes “Medianas’ summer”, common name for the series of events that are taking place in “Sveti Sava” park near the municipal headquarters. The summer festival starts at June and lasts until September and includes different events during the weekends. The events range from natoinal folk dances and songs, over modern/pop/rock music shows, to concerts of classical music. Most of these events are performend on the open stage in the park. The other types of events are presentations of literal and poet acomplisments, as well as specific traditional events related to local cousine and drinks. “Burekdzijada” is competition between local burek producers, cheese pie, and at the same time presents touristic attraction for approximately 30.000 visitors.

The city is characterized by an extremely rich cultural life. The most significant cultural events are staged at the National Theater, Puppet Theater, Symphony Orchestra, Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts, National Museum and Synagogue. There are also one regional and one local TV station, as well as several radio stations.

A special tourist attraction is the Kazandžija Sokača, which has retained the spirit of old Niš with a large number of restaurants.

There are also two large beautifully landscaped city parks – Cair and Sveti Sava.

The St. Sava Park houses the Temple of Saint Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena and a large number of coffee bars with beautiful summer gardens.

There are a number of attractive shopping and business centers in the area of the Mediana City Municipality – Forum Shopping Center, Stop Shop, Gorca, Dusan Bazaar, Serbia, Center, Panda, Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3, Kalča Shopping and Mall. Cinemas Sineplex, Blackberry, Fairy Town, Army Home.


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City Municipality Mediana, City of Nis

Address: Pariske komune bb, 18 105 Niš

Telephone: 018/532 – 992, 532 – 994, 532 – 995


Municipal Drama Theatre “Dragomir Asenov”, Montana

Municipal Drama Theatre “Dragomir Asenov” – Montana has been established in 1962. The theater has 1 main spectacle hall with 584 seats and two smaller halls. During the years the drama theater has been home for hundreds of spectacles and culture events for children, young people and adults. The theater also organizes drama courses for children and youth. The drama theater in Montana is in the core of cultural and tourism development in the region. During the past years the theater have attracted hundreds of visitors from the cross-border region as it serves one of the most honorable missions during the ages – to present fine art that uses live performers to transfer the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience. As it is the only theater in town of Montana the director, team of drama experts as well as the actors are highly motivated to attract even more tourists and audience to the region while enriching the theater programme with additional open stage performances and adaptations of popular theatrical plays.

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Municipal Drama Theatre “Dragomir Asenov”, Montana

Address: Montana, Sq. Jeravitsa Izvora Str.

Telephone: 0035996 300 938