Project Description

Talented singers and instrumentalists from the art structure Dobri Hristov, part of Community Center Reason 1883, returned with prizes from the VIII National Competition “Road to Glory”. The music format was held from February 21 to February 23 at the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” – Sofia. Among the distinguished students were: Animo Duo composed by: Michaela Genova and Teodora Dimitrova with piano teacher Nina Petrova. The formation won the III Prize in the III age group. Duo Velina Boycheva (piano, teacher – Nina Petrova) and Dobromir Minchev (xylophone) with teacher Rumyana Borisova, won the III prize in the IV age group. Nancy Koleva – a graduate of Alexandra Tsenkova, appeared in Group III and was ranked III in the Piano category. Nancy impressed with her masterful performances: Minuet by Handel, Sonatina by Mozart and Rio Sena by Astor Piazzola.

Students from different music schools from all over Bulgaria took part in the forum. The teachers Nina Petrova, Rumyana Borisova, Marianna Tsolova and Tsvetana Ilieva received a diploma for high professionalism. Tsveta Nikolaeva with a vocal teacher – Mrs. Tsvetana Ilieva, won the II prize from the competition in group I. She captivated the audience with the performance of the song “Harlequino” – in Russian, and “Ave Maria” by Schubert. Ivet Nikolova, also a vocal student of the teacher Marianna Tzolova, also returned with award. Yvette earned a diploma for excellent performance and the roaring applause of the audience with a song from the repertoire of Michael Jackson and “I Have Not Found Love Yet” by Haigashod Agasyan. The young singer was invited to participate in a competition in Rome, Italy, in June. Graduates of the singing teacher will also participate in an international competition in March in Baia Mare (Romania).