Project Description

Today we are going to tell you more about a project that has changed positively the urban environment in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.

“Hidden Letters” Project is the first initiative of the Read Sofia platform to introduce the city, literature and art in symbiosis and to provoke the rediscovery of urban space through culture.

“Hidden Letters” are the intersection between typography, poetry and the urban environment. “Hidden letters” are also new, secret, literary spots to read, or just for silence. Well hidden in the center of Sofia, they can be found in parks and gardens, on bridges and in courtyards, on unexpected crossings, out of the noise and on the edge of the usual tourist routes.

The design of Hidden Letters is by artist Kiril Zlatkov. Their implementation is the work of architect Ivan Ivanov. Other curators of the project are Todora Radeva and Aneta Vassileva. Event organizer: Boryana Zafirova. PR: Demna Dimitrova. Coordinator: Rada Ezekieva.

Partners: Prototype, Next Page Foundation / House of Literature and Translation; Studio Set, Generator; City Reading Association / Reading Room; Metro Advertising. Trademark from Enthusiasm Studio and Redesign Website.

You can lean more about the initiative from the official web page: