Project Description

The competition is aimed at enthusiastic young people between the ages of 17 and 30, whose interests are related to learning a foreign language.

Participation Regulation

Topic: “The pleasure of work leads to perfection in it” – Aristotle

  1. Conditions for participation in the competition:

Requirements for participants: Young people aged 17-30 who have knowledge of French / German / Italian / Spanish.

Each competition application must be accompanied by the following information: (Three names, age, address, email, telephone, education). Each author can only participate with one material.

Participation with the essay:

Essay Language: French / German / Italian / Spanish.

Technical requirements: maximum volume – up to 2 printed pages (A4 size), Times new Roman font, font size 12.

Email to send works to:

  1. Time scope of the competition:

Contest Start Date: 03/02/2020

Application deadline: 04/19/2020

Review Period: 04/21/2020 to 04/23/2020

Announcement of the winners: 04/23/2020

Awarding the winners: 04/24/2020

  1. Awarding:

The prize pool for the first place is BGN 300.

The prize money for the second place is 200 BGN.

The prize money for the third place is BGN 100.

For more information, follow the link: