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“Може би затова се заех с най-прозаичното упражнение на този свят – ако може да се вярва на древните философи – в поредното си упражнение по умиране, като се опитвах не само да философствам, но и да намирам смислени обяснения. Дори си водя „записки“.

И продължавам да посягам към книгите, в които са кодирани кардиограмите на времето!


Today we present you a poem (in Bulgarian) from Martin Kaleev – one of the most recognizable faces of Northwestern Bulgaria in terms of his writings and continuing cultural activity during the years.

Martin Kaleev is one of those authors who chose to lead their creative and life paths in the country, respectively in Montana, without being particularly bothered by the “inconvenience of the difficult”. He was born on August 18, 1958 in the town of Varshets and is a “Merited citizen of Varshets”, awarded with the city’s honorary badge. He has completed master’s degrees in economics, informatics and information technology, including numerous specializations at Bulgarian universities. He is the author of nine books of poetry, prose, essay and journalism, two screenplays, co-authored textbooks, and more than 1500 publications and appearances in various media. He is the recipient of awards, the last of which is the 2017 UB Gold Feather. for an overall contribution. He is engaged in fine arts. His works have been translated into English and Russian. The editor-in-chief is the Ogosta almanac. He is included in the Bulgarian Journalistic Encyclopedia and in the Encyclopedia of Notable Bulgarians of Contemporary Bulgaria.

“Чакам Човека

да спре на ъгъла. Понякога сънувам –

като бяла лястовица каца

на клетката от тръни,

в която душата си натъпках и затрупах с мълчания.

Още чакам

да се появи Човекът, но долавям

само стъпки. Отдалечава се…


с трън в петата. И моето безсъние го следва

като вярно куче.

След тях

животът ми


като сянка..”

You can learn more about the author from his official web page: